Pixie Dust Cloud Slime

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•In a container add 3oz of Elmers glue all
•Next add 1oz of Elmers school glue
•Then add about a tablespoon of water
•Next add a few drops of blue and yellow food coloring and stir, this will make the color green
•After mixing add 3 pumps of foaming hand soap and a bit of lotion them mix them all up
•add half a teaspoon of baking soda to the mixture
•Next gradually add your contact lens solution to the mixture until it starts turning into slime
•Add a small amount of water to your instant snow powder
•Then slowly add in the activated instant snow to your slime until it forms a fluffy cloud slime
•During this process the slime will get quite sticky so add in some activator
•Mold the slime in the container
•Then roll it in some gold glitter
•Next sprinkle on some green glitter add as much as you want on top of the slime
•for the finishing touch add 3 green beads on top

And there you have it! your very own pixie dust cloud slime ????