Colorful Slime Dress-Up Challenge

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*5 Different Colors of 177 mL Elmer's Glitter Glue (The more color you can get, the better)
*Liquid Detergent (Activator)
*Glitters (optional)
*Plastic Containers
*White Construction Board for the figure of Princess Colorless

This Slime Dress-up challenge is composed of three simple stages:
1.) Making the individual slimes
2.) Coming up with beautiful color combinations using the individual slimes
3.) Dressing-up Princess Colorless

In this stage, we need to transform the glitter glues into slime one at a time. For each glue, the same steps should be followed:
1. Pour the whole bottle of 177 mL Elmer's Glitter Glue in a plastic container.
2. Add the Liquid Detergent little by little. For every time you pour an amount of liquid detergent, you should mix the glue well.
3. Continue adding the liquid detergent until the mixture reaches a consistency of not-too-wet-and-not-too-sticky.
4. Once the slime starts to form, take the mixture into your hands and knead it.
5. Continue stretching, kneading, and playing with the mixture until it becomes less sticky and more like a slime.
6. If the mixture is sticking to much in your hands, follow two simple tricks: 1.) Rapidly roll the slime in your hands until it stops sticking 2.) Because the molecules of the slime are attracted to each other, use them to magnetize each other.

In this second stage, you only need to do two things: be playful and be creative. Here are tips to follow:
1. Start by coming up with new colors by mixing a combination of individual slimes completely.
2. Come up with as many color combinations as you can!
3. Don't be afraid to experiment. Choose any color that you like, mix them, and you'll be surprised at how beautiful the color combination will be.
4. Be careful when mixing slime colors. If you mix them too much, instead of getting a beautiful painting-like combination, you'll just end up with one different color. For example, when you mix red and blue too much, you'll just end up with the color violet. But if you mix them just right, you can have a beautiful color mixture of red, blue, and violet.

In this stage, your creativity and imagination will be tested. How can you make Princess Colorless more Colorful? It's all up to you. Here are some tips you can follow:
1. Start with the hair and be as playful as you can. Make use of different colors and color combinations so that you can come up with a colorful hair for Princess Colorless.
2. For Princess Colorless' dress, you can make it like a big gown, or a simple dress. Remember to just be creative and playful.
3. Don't forget to enjoy!

So that's it. This is a fun, creative, and imaginative way to play and enjoy your slimes.
Always remember, no matter how colorless some things will be, you can always use your creativity and imagination to bring out the best of colors.